Five Must-Have Products for Healthy Winter Skin

Although winter is still technically two months away, many parts of the country are already experiencing winter weather. This means it’s time to stock up on some of the best products to keep your skin healthy, hydrated, and happy.

You don’t have to break the bank to keep your delicate skin from breaking this winter. Regardless of your budget, the products below will protect your skin from the cold harsh months. Below is a list of five must-have products for healthy winter skin.

Gentle face cleanser

Switching to a gentle face cleanser during the cold winter months can be lifesaving for your skin. Don’t worry, gentle doesn’t necessarily mean it’s ineffective. Opting for a gentle skin cleanser means you’re leaving behind many harsh products that can be irritating for your skin, especially during the cold and drying months.


There’s never a bad time to moisturize but being extra cautious about it during winter is especially important. The cold weather, strong heaters, and hot showers can all lead to dry skin, so reaching for a good moisturizer can help you keep your skin looking healthy. Don’t forget your hands! As we’re all being reminded to wash our hands constantly, we should also remember to moisturize them. Keep your favorite moisturizer in a travel-sized bottle to take it wherever you go.

Sleep mask

Sleep masks are a great option to keep your skin hydrated and healthy. They’re the perfect last step to your nighttime skincare routine because they get to work while you sleep. If you’re not a fan of using multiple products at the end of a long day, a good sleep mask can provide vitamins, moisture, and hydrate your skin.

Lip balm

We can’t talk about winter skincare without showing love to our lips. We’ve all been there. Dealing with chapped lips at the end of a cold and long day of work. That’s because, just like our skin, our lips also get dry and dehydrated during the cold winter months. Keeping a strong and trustworthy lip balm on you at all times can keep you from dealing with the pain and discomfort of chapped winter lips.

Water, water, water

OK, I know this isn’t technically a product, but it’s one of the most important things you can do for your skin during the winter. Actually, throughout the year. Staying hydrated is essential for clear and healthy skin. Drinking enough water seems like more of a chore during the winter because we tend to crave water a lot less during the cold months. Although it can be a bad habit to get into, try your best to ensure you’re staying hydrated. Big water bottles and reminder helps.