Tackle Mask-Acne by Following these Simple Tricks

The term “maskne” has taken over the internet recently, and it’s become a skincare challenge for millions after the pandemic. Mask acne is stubborn breakouts caused by the wear of protective face masks. As if the pandemic couldn’t cause any more inconvenience, now we have to worry about skin breakouts.  

If you’re like me, then you’re probably dealing with the additional stress and anxiety caused by the sudden breakouts of constantly wearing a mask. Below are some simple tricks to tackle maskne.

Wear a clean mask

Like any piece of garment, your masks should be washed and disinfected often. While disposable masks are the most hygienic, they’re not the most sustainable option. If you opt for reusable masks, make a habit of washing your mask often, preferably at the end of each day. The fabric can retain a lot of germs, which end up rubbing on our skin and ultimately leading to breakouts. So, just like you’re washing your hands often, make sure to wash your masks, too.

Make sure to moisturize

Dealing with COVID during the scorching hot summer months is not easy. Between the heat, humidity, and sweat, layering skincare products seems counterintuitive. However, keeping your skin clean and moisturized is key to ensuring your skin stays clear of breakouts. A moisturizer that doubles as sunscreen is a great way to ensure your skin is protected.

Skip the makeup

If you haven’t worn makeup since mid-March, then you’re ahead of the game. Makeup can clog pores and lead to breakouts when combined with a facemask. If you’re comfortable skipping foundation while facemasks continue to be required, you’ll be saving your skin from a lot of uncomfortable breakouts.

Use gentle products

You might think stronger and more aggressive products are necessary when dealing with maskne, but that’s not the case here. According to many dermatologists online, less is more. Reach for a gentle cleanser and moisturizer to create a skincare routine effective enough for the pandemic.