As a young mom, I go through stages of motherhood that I just don’t know how to tackle. And with my daughter recently turning 2 years old, I became terrified at what curveballs this stage of her life would throw at me.

Parents Playing with Daughter in a ParkWhen you become a mother, you tend to hear a lot of horror stories of what has, can or will happen to your child. A lot of those horror stories have to do with our children turning two.

However, instead of letting those stories make me fearful of my child growing up, they inspired me to follow my gut feelings in what I believe is right for MY daughter. I decided that I would create my own plan that I feel would work best in making the so-called “terrible twos” not so terrible.

One thing that has worked wonders for me so far is creating a bedtime. Following the steps I laid out in one of my previous articles, I am able to put my daughter to sleep by a certain time. That is a great way to show your growing child that while they have the whole day to learn and explore, there is a limit to how long they can do it for. My daughter gets at least 10 hours of sleep every night, and that allows her to have a fresh start the next morning.Look what is this

Another thing that I think will minimize the difficulty of dealing with a two year old is discipline. I choose to do it in a very moderate way. Anything from taking her toys away, or even putting her on time out for a minute or two. You will be amazed at how much they learn to value their time and valuables when they learn that they can be taken away from them.

If you’re going through the stage parenting stage as I am, remember that there is always a way to overcome a difficult time in your child’s life. As parents, we have instincts telling us what is right from wrong, listen to yours and you will be surprised at how many wonderful things you can achieve.