A new movement has begun… THRIVE@55… and it is hitting the jugular of many women in our community with its message of hope and inspiration.

THRIVE55THRIVE@55 as a new set point in life… and it’s not an age, it’s a lifestyle. With our energy, wisdom, and experience we may live to be 100…so what will define our next chapter?

By living longer and happier lives than those who came before us, Thrivers are setting a new standard as a vital force in our world today.

THRIVERS are pioneers! We are defying the myth that women in their fifties are done, have nothing left to do and are ready to retire. We are beautiful, moving, & successful, We lead, we cry, we love, and  life is better than ever!

 American women over fifty are the healthiest, wealthiest, and most active generation of women in history. Today, we invite different choices and welcome a myriad of infinite possibilities. Each of us is a role model for each other. We passionately claim our authenticity and full-out self expression! We optimize our life.

The 1st Annual Thrive@55 Conference will be held May 5, 2014 at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, AZ.  This one day event will be THRIVING with stories, innovations and information, all designed to vitalize your life, presented by notable women in the Phoenix community.  Each attendee will receive a Hardbound commemorative book featuring fifteen compelling women including Lin Sue Cooney, Deborah Bateman, Sharon Lechter, Felecia Rotellini, Gladys McGary and many more.

A portion ticket sales benefits the non-profit: Experience Matters!