How to Handle Disappointment During Another Uncertain Year

2021 is already off to a rocky start. Sure, we shouldn’t be too surprised, we did survive 2020, after all. However, there’s always a setback when things don’t go the way we hoped. Maybe the events at Capitol Hill traumatized you, the slow vaccine rollout disillusioned you, or the roller-coaster stock market has you on your toes.

The truth is, we can’t predict and prepare for everything that’s going to happen. Things change, and we have to be mentally prepared for those unexpected and, sometimes, unsettling occurrences. If this year has already let you down, you’re not alone. Below are some tips to handle disappointment during another uncertain year.

Manage expectations

While creating some New Year’s resolutions, one of the words I chose for 2021 was expectations. More specifically, managing my expectations for anything and everything. If there’s anything 2020 taught us, is that nothing is certain. However, we can always choose how to react to those fallouts.

By managing your expectations, you’re preparing yourself for the less-than-ideal situation. Lost your job? Lost your home? Lost your financial security? Millions of Americans across the United States are dealing with all those heartbreaks. Managing your expectations for life itself can help you handle all the disappointments life can throw at you.

Talk it out

There’s nothing worse than unresolved negative feelings sitting in your head. One of the best ways to handle disappointment during another uncertain and turbulent year is to talk it out. Whether it’s with your significant other, friend, or therapist, talking about your feelings is the best way to start to tackle them.

Now, more than ever, communication has been key in my household. I’ve gone through my fair share of emotional rollercoasters, and there’s no way I could have survived them without talking about them with my husband. This year, that trick will carry on with me to help me survive another crazy year.

Create a backup plan

Having a plan B, C, D, and Z has never been more relevant. The truth is, many of your plans might not be possible this year, do you have a backup plan for that? Having something to fall back on is always a smart way to go about things, especially now. When making plans, think about what additional work you can do to build security around them. What can you do to ensure that even if things don’t go according to plan, you would still be satisfied?