Here’s Why You Should Simplify Your Style

As a personal stylist, one of the main concerns I hear from clients and social media followers is how much they struggle with getting dressed every morning. While many aspects can play a role in style stress, one of the easiest ways to overcome it is by simplifying your style.

Caucasian woman is reaching for clothes from her closet.

The truth is, we own too much. Between gifts, sales, and impulse buys, Americans have created a problem out of cheap manufacturing and fast fashion. Each purchase takes a hit to our wallets and lifestyle.

If you’ve been thinking about simplifying your style, I would highly recommend doing so. Below are three major reasons you should simplify your style.

It saves you time

How many times have you stood in front of your overflowing closet complaining about having nothing to wear? We’ve all been there more times than we care to admit, and it’s sad to think about how much time we’ve wasted because of it.

By simplifying your style, getting dressed will become a breeze. You’ll eliminate the stress and overwhelm that come with having too many choices.

It saves you moneywoman trying on designer dress

Constantly changing fashions, trends, and brands make it hard for consumers to stick to live modestly and save money. By simplifying your style, you’ll build boundaries that’ll help you stay on track and save a lot of money in the long run.

By investing I pieces that are timeless, classic, and high-quality, you’ll find yourself buying fewer items less frequently.  

It sets you apart

Some of the most famous entrepreneurs are known for their style uniform. Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs drew attention to the power of wearing the same classic pieces over and over again. Like Mark and Steve, their uniform became their brand, and it’s easy to create yours as well.

A style uniform doesn’t have to mean plain or boring either. Build a wardrobe that works for you and your lifestyle. Add your personal touch and flair to build a unique look.