The comparison game has always been around, but there is no doubt that social media has played a role in its recent evolution. If you’ve found yourself comparing your life to others’, you’re not alone. As a mom, millennial, entrepreneur and social media user, I’ve experienced first-hand the effect of social comparison.

After seeing my happiness decline after a few weeks of constant social media use, I took it into my own hands to solve the issue. The tips below are actual guidelines I used to stop myself from comparing my life to others. The results have been amazing.

  1. Acknowledge the Problem

Like with any addiction, acknowledgment and awareness are always the first step to recovery. While social media comparison might not be as serious as many other addictions, it is definitely a dangerous one. Heavily comparing yourself to others can lead to self-doubt, goal setbacks, and even depression.

An easy way to do this is to take a moment to sit in silence when you’re feeling your mood deteriorate. Ask yourself: why am I feeling this way? Was there a specific thing I saw, did, or hear that triggered this feeling? Be honest.

  1. Celebrate Yourself

Take a moment to celebrate everything you’ve already done. While it might seem cheesy to applaud yourself for every win, it’ll allow you to notice how amazing you are. No two humans are alike; therefore, no two humans have the same path in life.

So why are we constantly comparing ourselves to someone that comes from a different walk of life? When we celebrate ourselves, we applaud how far we’ve come to our own standards, not everyone else’s.

  1. Unplug

Upgrading to the iPhone 7In order to solve a problem, we must get to the root of it. While social media may seem like the center of our universe, it really isn’t. If like me, you find yourself feeling down, unhappy, and even depressed after scrolling through Instagram for 30 minutes, it may be time for a break. Like many, I would check Instagram immediately after waking up. Before I even washed my face!

I finally realized that if I wanted to see a real difference, I would have to make some serious changes. Today, I make an effort to not open any social media apps until after 12 pm. This allows me to cherish my most creative time, as well as allow myself to start my day without comparing myself to strangers that seem to have it all together.