Long Distance Relationship

As I am sure you’ve heard…”The Bachelor” season 20 is coming to a close. 20 something girls have been eliminated and only 2 girls are left standing..waiting…hoping to be the winner of Ben’s heart. How cuuttteeee! Or, is it? This show is an incredibly popular one, regardless of if you believe the show is completely scripted or if you believe every romantic line that’s delivered; which of course I do!

But, this show takes a lot of heat for the way not only women are portrayed, but the way love is portrayed. Is love really a game that you can win? Apparently. I mean, c’mon… these girls are competing with each other in hopes of winning the affection from one man. A man who hasn’t been monogamous since the beginning of the relationship. I’m not judging…I’m just saying. It won’t stop me from watching!

My co workers and I watch this show religiously every Monday night. The next day we chit chat about these “characters” as if they are our best friends. We have placed bets on who we think the winner will be…Lauren B. duhhh! Funny that we think we know which women will be the best fit for Ben…even though we don’t really know Ben or any of the other girls! Irrelevant.

Even though this is one of my favorite guilty pleasure shows, I have started to realize just how sexist “The Bachelor” truly is. I’ve asked other women if they share my same opinions.

It’s completely unrealistic! What women would sign up to compete for a man’s heart?”

“It’s reality television and I know everything is scripted. It doesn’t stop me from tuning in every Monday night.”

“You have 20 beautiful girls who use their sex appeal to win a man’s heart. It’s insulting!”

“The bachelor strictly focuses around one man dating multiple women and finally choosing one to marry. And it all happens in only a couple of months! Yeah right!”

The show is completely sexist! It shows girls using everything they have to get ONE MAN to like them. They want to be the woman of this man’s dreams but, do they even like the guy? Is it even an option for them not to? The women in “The Bachelor” don’t have any options. Like I said, they are all simply standing…waiting…hoping to get a rose at the end of the day in order to be validated by a man who is validating the girl standing next to them. Why do we watch this show again?