This Single Purchase Will Transform Your Closet (for Under $30)

With spring cleaning season behind us, it’s time to make changes that’ll keep us organized throughout the year. If you feel like your closet clean out was short-lived, there’s a big reason why. It takes more than a purge and organization session to keep things looking sleek and systematized.

When cleaning my client’s closets, I often find a common mistake being made. Their clothes are hanging on multicolor, multi-style, and multi-brand hangers. Wire hangers from the cleaners, plastic hangers from department stores, and colorful hangers from years of impulse purchases deck the rail in their crammed closets.

Yes, something as small as hangers can make the world of a difference in the overall look and feel of your wardrobe. Ditching your multi-color, mismatching hangers for coordinated hangers can take your closet from unorganized mess to structured style.

The best part is that this is one of the least expensive investments you’ll ever make to transform your wardrobe. Most packs of sleek hangers will cost you less than a shirt in most cases.

If you’re in the market for a set, there’s no better deal than at Costco. A pack of 100 black non-slip velvet hangers for only $25.99. As a personal stylist, I highly recommend flocked hangers. Their sleek design saves space and helps your closet look coordinated. 

I also recommend sticking to a specific number of hangers in your closet. Whether it’s 50 or 100, having a specific number can help keep you accountable when it comes to the number of items, you’re allowed to keep in there at one.

Personally, I stick with 50. This means that if I ever run out of hangers and I purchase more clothes, I have to get rid of items taking up space. I would consider myself somewhat of a minimalist. While I love clothes, I also understand the power behind having less. By limiting yourself to a specific number of hangers, you’re forced to only keep items that truly serve you and bring you joy.