Three Major Takeaways from Brené Brown’s Netflix Special

If you’re a personal development, self-help, and Netflix junkie like me, then you’re in for a real treat. Netflix recently released the special, Brene Brown: The Call to Courage. In the hour-long special, Brené talks about courage, vulnerability, and failure, and how you can’t have one without the other.

I first heard of Brené Brown on Oprah’s Super Soul podcast, where the five-time New York Time’s best-selling author discussed vulnerability in a way I had never heard before. In the Netflix Special, viewers are able to experience an intimate talk at UCLA’s Royal Hall.

Below are three major takeaways from Brené Brown’s Netflix Special.

  1. Vulnerability is not a sign of weakness

One of the biggest lesson’s I’ve taken from Brené Brown’s content over the last year is that vulnerability is not a sign of weakness. During her talk, she mentions the correlation between courage and vulnerability, and how no courageous act is ever done without vulnerability.

In order to be brave and courageous, we must be willing to put ourselves in situations of uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure.

  1. Gratitude is healing

Growing up, gratitude wasn’t in my practice. Not because I didn’t believe in it or its powers, but because I wasn’t exposed to it. As an adult, gratitude practice has been the best habit I’ve implemented in my daily life.

Brené Brown talks about the importance of gratitude when feeling joy and pain. “We get so busy chasing the extraordinary moments that we forget to cherish the ordinary moments”. According to her research, those ordinary moments are the one’s victims of loss missed the most.

A great reminder to cherish all the ordinary moments in our lives and be grateful for every one of them.

  1. Come off the blocks

As an entrepreneur, I’m often reminded of the importance of failure in order to achieve success. However, failure is one of those things that seems easier to talk about than to experience. I mean, who wouldn’t want success without the failure?

In her Netflix special, Brené shares a story about her daughter’s swim meet. A tough race she didn’t feel prepared for. The nerve-wracking swim was a tough loss, but a great example of courage, bravery, and vulnerability.

This was a great reminder to show up even when it’s not perfect and get off the blocks even when we’re not ready.