Xennials: The Micro-generation

We know about Gen Xers and Millennials, but there is a tiny micro-generation that has its group saying, “Yes! That’s me!” It’s the group who are right on the cusp of both generations and has a hard time identifying with just one.

They are called Xennials.

Born between 1977 and 1987, this generation has seen the transition of technology, the economy collapse, it’s effects on society, and the emerging world of social media.

And you might think, “As did the Gen Xers.” But the difference between the two is Xennials were just in the midst of childhood or early adulthood while this was all happening.

Their transition into the world of technology overload was vastly different from their parents. The Xennials went into it with the ability to quickly adapt and use it to their advantage as they entered the work force.

However, Xennials were also part of a generation who played on the playground, didn’t have a cell phone at 8 years old, met other children organically and used their developing social skills to communicate with each other, all while still using a landline. They didn’t feel the need to post every waking moment on social media.

Xennials watched the little man run across the computer screen when AOL started up, and they had some of the first compact cell phones with colored screens and text messaging.

They had to send a text message pushing the correlating number button a million times to get the appropriate letter to spell out a full message! Remember that?

The amazing thing about being part of this generation is that Xennials have the best of both worlds. They have the values and teachings of the Gen Xers, yet the dreamer mind and technological advancements of the Millennials.

Their work ethic, drive, values and social skills all contribute to a generation who were able to take their upbringing and combine it with a tech savvy way of life.

They were some of the first startups in Silicon Valley, and they helped transition work places to being more tech friendly.

Overall, the Xennials are a pretty cool generation to belong to. But don’t expect them to post about it on social media. That’s way too “Millennial” for them.