braBra fat is a fairly new phrase that has been popping up over the last few years. Known as the area on the back that gets flattened by the back of a bra, bra fat is actually just back fat.

But before I discuss the causes of bra fat, I do want you to know there are some things you can do to combat the appearance of back fat, and feel better about your other backside. 

There are a couple of different reasons this happens, but the major contributor happens to be an ill-fitting bra. You may notice this when a woman is walking away and the back of her shirt shows flab because her skin isn’t lying flatly. Many women wear their bras incorrectly or in the wrong size, causing the bra to not sit under and anchor the shoulder blades.

Another cause is the band size is too big. Contrary to what many believe, back fat is created when the band is too narrow and isn’t tight enough. Wider bands around the sides and back will smooth out the bulge.

The other cause of back fat is simply age. As we gain weight and get older our skin tissue starts to soften. Add a form-fitting garment and it will create some indentations on your back.

For those of you wanting a quick fix I would suggest wearing a shapewear camisole, such as a Spanx, in lieu of a bra. And for those of you wishing to be permanently rid of the bra fat, I just had a Sculptor session done, courtesy of IMAj Institute in Scottsdale.

I opted for something more permanent as I want to be able to wear my bathing suit as well as strapless gowns for upcoming events.

Here is the skinny on the Sculptor sessions. 

Sculptor is a unique high frequency micro current (HFMC) device that passes a complimentary energy field into and through your skin. This energy is similar to the natural energy of your cells so it is well absorbed. The energy of the Sculptor is harmonic to your natural body energy. When collagen cells or lipids absorb the energy, different effects can be attained.

Heating the lipids can cause them to temporarily expand and subsequently drain out of the fat tissues and back into the blood stream, similar to the way high energy demand from the body would act. Draining some of the fat from an area generally improves the look of that area. Reducing the power density of the treatment can cause sagging skin to tighten, resulting in a better, smoother appearance.

Skilled and licensed Aesthetician Artisans will continually assess the amount of reduction being attained to increase or reduce the amount of energy applied to any area of your skin to get the best artistic result. These artistic reductions can provide symmetry, and a more youthful appearance to any treated areas.

The number of treatments needed varies by the amount of change desired based on the expectations of the client. Improvements are achieved with every treatment, and the effects are immediately noticeable. Each client needs to determine what their expectation are, but most people have 2-3 treatments completed. Thin or low BMI individuals will require less than others. However, this treatment is not intended to replace a healthy diet and exercise.bra 2

Sculptor sessions are a non-invasive technology that can achieve similar results to cosmetic surgery without the expense or down time.

I have only had one treatment done but saw instant results so, I think I may just have to schedule one more session before our next vacation!

Want to try it out? Schedule your treatment with IMAj Institute in Scottsdale today and let them know you read about it in SmartFem to receive a 10 percent discount.