Women-Applying-MakeupPutting on makeup is one of the most exhausting tasks I have ever experienced. I respect the women who do it every single day. Standing there, looking at themselves in the mirror while applying foundation, blush, mascara, eyeliner, etc. etc. It’s too much!

One of the reasons I don’t wear makeup is because I simply don’t know how to. In high school I tried to wear makeup but only found myself growing impatient and inevitably washing my face off in pure frustration. There are so many brushes and pointy objects that are meant to touch my face. No no no no!

And now, makeup is something that is completely foreign to me. Something that I shy away from wearing…even when going to a formal event. I will do my hair and wear clothes like a queen, but the only thing I want on my face is soap and water. It may seem funny but I think I look better without makeup than with makeup. Strange, isn’t it? Well I’m not the only women that has retired her beauty tools.  And here are a few reasons why more and more women have stopped wearing makeup:

Let your skin breathe

According to an article by Bloomberg Business, “The average American women uses 12 health and beauty products every morning before leaving the house.” Are those products really the best for your skin? Some products cause allergic reactions and maybe even cause the blemishes you see on your face. Covering up those blemishes with foundation isn’t the answer to a glowing and blemish-free face! Let your skin breathe, it will thank you later!makeup.woman.applying.image.

Use time elsewhere…

Are you constantly running late because you have to apply makeup to every corner of your face? Or are you getting up hours earlier than necessary in order to work on your face? I don’t know about you but I am way too lazy to wake up early to put on makeup!

Feel confident with your flaws…

The only reason I even attempted to wear makeup was so that I could look better. But then I realized that wearing makeup isn’t what should help grow my confidence. Not wearing makeup and allowing my flaws to be seen by the world and being okay with that is what helped me become the confident person I am today. According to an article on Lifehack, “Embracing your natural look is the foundation of a life rooted in simplicity and in harmony with yourself.”

I am not trying to tell any woman that she shouldn’t wear makeup; beauty is an individual process!