Five Easy and Free Ways to Practice Gratitude in 2019

As I reflect on 2018 and all the changes that came along with it, one transformation that stands out is my new habit of gratitude practice. Before 2018, I had never really even heard of the word gratitude, and when I had, it was usually from a yogi of some sort. It wasn’t until a friend recommended a practice after listening to me complain and vent about my unhappiness.

Since then, I practice gratitude daily. For me, practicing gratitude has included everything from journaling to meditating, and even bedtime conversations with my husband.

Practicing gratitude isn’t a luxury only available to those with certain resources. Anyone can practice gratitude, and in my opinion, everyone should. Below is a list of five easy and free ways to practice gratitude in 2019.

  1. Keep a gratitude journal

I would recommend this as the first step for anyone that has never tried gratitude journaling. Whether it’s in a fancy notebook or one from the dollar store, what matters is what’s on the inside. Start by writing one thing you’re grateful for an increase from there. Try to elaborate on the gratitude item as much as possible. The more detail, the better.

  1. Schedule gratitude talks with someone

One of my favorite things since beginning my gratitude practice journey has been including my family in the habit. There’s something powerful about sharing your highlights with someone you love, so this is a great idea for someone that likes sharing their wins with others. My daughter and I share our gratitude moment before I put her to bed, and my husband and I share our gratitude moments as we end the night.

  1. Create visual reminders

This is something that I’ve heard wonders about but have yet to try for myself. I plan to implement it for 2019, so I created a Pinterest board for reference and ideas. The point of this project is to build a collection of all the things you’re grateful for and have something to reference in a time of stress or anguish.

  1. Schedule routine check-ins with yourself

Whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly, checking in with our feelings is critical for personal growth and happiness. By holding yourself accountable, you build a habit of finding something to be grateful for. It’s easy to get caught up in the stress and business of our daily tasks, so creating the time for this is crucial.

  1. Take a gratitude walk

While I’m not great at taking breaks and walking away from work, I’ve noticed that when I do, I come back happier and more energized. If you already take routine walks, try incorporating gratitude into the habit. Think of something new you’re grateful every time and soon you’ll realize how blessed you are. If you’re not a walker like me, try setting an alarm to remind you.

Remember that gratitude practice is there to soothe you in a time of stress, so take baby steps as you navigate this new habit.