Why Every Mom Should Have a Hobby and How You Can Find Yours

Motherhood. It’s one of the most rewarding and challenging jobs a woman can undertake. From the moment a woman finds out she’s pregnant, life is no longer just about her, but about her child as well. A challenge that can transform a woman’s self-identity.

As moms, we spend every waking hour thinking, worrying, and stressing about our children. Our daily lives and routines are constantly challenged and tailored to the needs of our loved ones. And while our priorities might not change any time soon, there are activities that can help us keep our self-identity alive.

Hobbies, like self-care, are something you can do for yourself that no one else can do for you. Hobbies allow you to recharge and face your daily duties with a clean slate and a tank full of energy. By actively dedicating time to your hobby, you gain perspective for all that you do in your daily routines.  

It doesn’t matter if your hobby is painting, hiking, or knitting, what matters is that you enjoy it and do it for yourself. Trust me, your family will thank you.

If you’re feeling stuck and unsure of what a good hobby might be for you, ask yourself the series of questions below.

What was your favorite pastime before having kids?

What’s something you would do every day even if you didn’t get paid for it?

What activity makes you feel most alive?

While our children play a big role in our lives, try to leave them out of your answers. This will ensure that your hobby is something you want to do for yourself and no one else.

Once you have a hobby in mind, don’t be scared to date your hobby. There’s no one size fits all rule when it comes to finding your groove. So, try experimenting with activities until you find one (or a few) that make you feel alive and the best version of yourself.

You deserve it.