Duck lips and flotation devices


No, I’m not talking about a warm day poolside in sunny Arizona with your favorite ducky float.

Even though I love my giant Ice cream cone floaty that is just the perfect shape for dipping your toes.

No, NO, NOOOO! I’m talking about the interesting trend of plastic surgery or enhancements over the last couple of decades.

When did we become so fixed on molding ourselves after the idea of perfection and when did “Ken and Barbie” become the perfect vision of the human body?

I recently heard of women getting butt implants… of course, my mind when crazy with that one. How would that feel and wouldn’t that go flat after time?  

I could just picture this cartoon of a woman on a date and all of the sudden while they were looking eye to eye she shrunk 4  inches… her bum deflating like a flat tire.  

I understand dealing with the feeling of an out of balance body and feeling a need to put things back to where they once were.

Just like how after breastfeeding, I thought “God, you have a great sense of humor, couldn’t I at least get the ones I had back?”  Ugh! No butt, no boob, can leave us feeling like just a pole.

Aging can be challenging but I found it even more interesting when, the other day, I was sitting next to these 3 girls that all looked exactly the same.

Exact same overly enhanced breasts that were overflowing from their tops, pouty lips that look like they had been stung by bees, tattooed eyebrows, long plastic nails and the fake eyelashes that made them look like Barbie.  

These girls couldn’t have been older than 22. I would love to say it’s just a “girl thing” but there is a huge rise in men getting chin or pectoral enhancements, facial fillers and other forms of surgeries.

All my active imagination could think of is when they excavate our time all they will see is caskets filled plastic where the enhancements were.  

Will there be any acceptance of what we look like and who we are?

How will the children of the next generation alter their looks to attract their mates?

Does it really help us pull in “the one” if we aren’t accepting who we are?

In this world of striving for perfection, it makes you wonder where will it end?

Part of the beauty of the world is that we are all unique in our own way we are perfectly imperfect and that is exactly how it should be!