Safe can be a comfortable little trap we put ourselves in. Deborah Bateman and J’Lein LieseHaving the perfect home, family and job can be fabulous until it doesn’t serve you anymore. Have you ever been in a life that was so predictable that you actually never had anything to look forward to? Life can become stagnant and will destroy you if you don’t find out what your purpose is.

I recently had the pleasure of attending a woman one-day retreat through Conscious Connections, a global community dedicated to cultivating the power of human potential. The purpose of the retreat was to create a meaningful getaway where each individual could awaken their greatness and begin writing the next chapter in their lives. Deborah Bateman and Dr. J’Lein Liese, two extraordinary community leaders, facilitated the event.

We all have our own narrative we run through our heads about who we are and what our life should look like. The story has been created by a lifetime of conditioning by other peoples beliefs as to who we are what we should be. Have you ever stopped to think where this voice is leading you?

ConciousConnectionsThe event was a fabulous opportunity for women to come together and learn about their fears and beliefs that were holding them back. The day was spent with an intimate group of powerful women who shared their two stories; the story of the past and the story we decide to write in the future.

We explored and learned how to release our old limiting stories and broken tapes we tell ourselves. We then discovered how to create new ones that can help sustain and fulfill those stories. Our facilitators shared some tools to help us write new life stories while creating a new meaningful life with a renewed sense of purpose.

My biggest takeaway: You can’t really find yourself until you lose yourself; it’s time to get lost again. Do things that challenge you and make you feel uncomfortable; only then you will change.