My Unglamorous Journey as a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur

Throughout the last 18 months, I’ve juggled multiple roles. My passion for thrifting, creative writing, and styling have led me through a path I never planned for. My journey as a multi-passionate entrepreneur has been filled with difficult challenges, decisions, and changes.  

When I quit my job over a year ago, my plan was to resell second-hand fashions full-time. Well, fast forward 18 months and I’ve come to the conclusion that I can never really see myself doing anything “full-time”. What started as a full-time focus is now only a part-time undertaking.

Today, I divide my time between reselling, writing, styling, among other smaller tasks.

While I wouldn’t change anything about my life, there are numerous challenges that come with being a multi-passionate entrepreneur.

My first trial came when I was clueless about what a multi-passionate entrepreneur even was. Not having a name for a disease seems to be even scarier than the idea of being diagnosed in the first place. I thought I was just not passionate enough about any single task. The truth is, I am passionate about so many different tasks that I can’t tie myself down to a single one.

Once I finally found a name to my shifting interests, I had to come to terms that it would require some pivoting to my business and overall vision. Being multi-passionate means that no single tasks will ever get 100 percent of my time and attention, and I had to be OK with that.

Finally, and probably one of the greatest challenges of all is time management. I don’t know about you but balancing a single job with everyday tasks is hard enough, now imagine adding 10 more jobs over that. Scheduling and time blocking have been lifesavers in order to get things done.

Today, I dedicate certain days to specific tasks. It’s my way of giving my full attention to a particular task without ignoring others. While every day is completely different from the last, there’s still a sense of routine and stability.

If you’re also a multi-passionate entrepreneur or a multi-passionate person in general, remember to give yourself grace. You’re not broken, damaged, or inadequate. You’re simply gifted in many areas and are faced with the challenge of stepping into each one of them as needed.