How Pivoting Has Helped Me Live My Passion

Whether you’re a recent college grad, a retired CEO, or an entrepreneur working on a startup, then you’ve probably heard of the term pivoting.

In business, to pivot simply means to shift in strategy. That shift can be anything from a small change in your team to a big modification of your mission. Regardless, pivoting can be a major tool to help lead you in the right direction and help you find and live your passion.

While my path as an entrepreneur doesn’t look exactly how I thought it would 18 months ago, the road has been a beautiful one. Throughout the turns, dips, dead ends, and unpaved roads, I’ve been able to learn more about myself than I ever imagined possible. That road has led to many pivots in my entrepreneurial journey and has ultimately guided me to where I am today – living a more passionate and fulfilled life.

If you’re thinking about making a change but are scared to do so, just know there are many opportunities awaiting. Below are three ways pivoting has helped me live my passion.

It steers me away from what I don’t want

They say one of the best ways to discover what you love is to uncover what you don’t. Pivoting has allowed me to stop doing those tasks that don’t bring me joy. By steering away from those unsatisfying tasks, I’ve become more aware of the favorable ones. I like to think of this as learning from mistakes.

It gets me out of my comfort zone

Starting something new can be horrifying, but there’s something empowering about doing something that you’re passionate about. Pivoting has helped me to stop working on things that don’t bring me joy and instead, take action on items that do. One of the most magical things about pivoting is that it allows you to change without the need to quit.

It helps me adjust to my ideal lifestyle

Making even the smallest shifts in my business get me closer to my ideal lifestyle. Whether that means fewer one-on-one clients, so I can make it home on time for dinner or declining the proposal because it would steer me away from my mission. Pivoting has helped guide me through the unforeseen road of entrepreneurship.