True Story:

Passion...Go For It!When I was a freshman in high school, I skipped my last class of the day to watch the boys’ swim team practice.  I spent hours and hours in the comfort of the humidity watching the strength and the power and sleekness of the male swimmer.  When I was a sophomore, I volunteered to become a “flasher” for the boys’ gymnastics team. This meant I sat at the judges table in posted the scores.  I was as close to the action as you could get. Gymnastics: the art of physical perfection.

My junior and senior years were spent as a student athletic trainer for the football team.  Every game I spent on the sidelines, and every afternoon, in the locker room taping ankles, nursing injuries, and cultivating a passion.

I never dated any of the guys on those teams!  I am quite certain none of them even noticed me.  I was madly in love with athletics, not the athletes, to be honest.

I went away to college and studied the human body.  The more I learned, the more I craved to learn.  To this day, I can’t get enough.  It does not really matter what sport, or at what level, it is about movement.  It is poetry and it is science.   There is no limit to human potential.

Everyday I hear excuses why someone can’t do something.  I have been the cheerleader, the coach, and the slave master, but it is thePassion...Go For It! people out there “just doing it” that are the inspiration, really.  Everyday I see someone go beyond any expectation they started with.  Everyday I witness the transformation that happens from getting off the couch and moving.   The option is to grow old, and soft, and weak, and sad.

Thirty two years ago, a little 14 year old girl could not take her eyes off the swimmers.  Human movement captivates me to this day.  Follow your passion, see where it takes you!  For me, it has taken me to places that level the playing field and I think that’s what I love most.


It’s not about what you look like.  It’s not about what you have.  It’s not about who you know.  It’s about what you can do.  It’s about hard work, commitment, and understanding that discomfort is a part of the game sometimes.  The discomfort makes us tough, and strong, and enviable.  It’s about reaching potential.  Everyone gets to be a winner; all you have to do is get up.


Move, dear public, just move!