Thinking Of Quitting Your Job? Here’s What You Need To Know

Quitting your job is never easy, and it seems that loving your job is even harder. Over half of Americans hate their job, according to CBS News.

Eventually, the time comes to make a decision to either stay working at a place you hate, or to move on and find something better.

However, for many, the dilemma to quit begins to kick in and the justification to stick around keeps you there far longer than you ever expected.

CNBC contributor Suzy Welch explains agonizing and doubting your decision to quit is all normal, but one major secret no one ever tells you is that about six weeks after quitting, you realize you waited about six months too long to quit in the first place.

We tend to justify staying at a job we hate or is holding us back. “I can’t leave, this company won’t survive.” or, “How am I going to make ends meet?”

Welch says that with or without you companies will survive, people move on and business continues as normal. Allowing your decision to leave should never be based on the survival of something else in exchange for your growth and happiness.

About 90 percent of the time people realize the next job they thought wouldn’t happen does, the growth they never expected occurs, and the change becomes the best move they ever made.

That being said it’s wise to be smart about making a career change. Make sure you’re financially able to be out of work for a few weeks, or line up the next move before quitting. Get your resume in order and be sending it out in your spare time.

Make goals and follow through with executing a plan to make them happen. Sitting around and complaining about how much you hate your job won’t entice change.

If you’re thinking about quitting all the time, it sounds like you already know what to do. The best part is once you’ve made the leap the only thing you’ll discover is how you wish you made the jump sooner.