Properly Store Your Winter Coats for Proper Care and Protection

Spring is finally here, and to make room for cooler garments, it’s time to store the bulky coats and jackets taking up valuable space in our closets. While our sweaters, coats, and jackets serve us well during the cold winter months, they’re not needed during warm weather.

Caring for your valuable coats is essential to ensure they’ll last throughout the years. Below are five tips to properly store your winter coats for proper care and protection.

Wash and stain treat before storage

Washing and stain treating your winter coats is an essential part of the storage process. An untreated stain or uncleaned spots can cause damage to your coats after months of sitting in storage. Take time to properly clean your coats by following the wash instructions on the care tag.

Only keep what you love

Spring is the perfect time to clean and organize your most beloved possessions. It’s also a great time to get rid of anything that’s no longer serving you. Take this opportunity to make a pile of items you no longer love. You can either donate them to your favorite thrift store or resell them to earn money for new items.

Choose between hanging or folding

woman decluttering home and donating itemsDepending on the amount of storage space you have available, you’ll have to decide whether you prefer to hang or fold your coats. Hanging can help prevent wrinkles but folding and storing in a plastic container can save you valuable closet space for warmer months.

Seal the deal

There’s nothing worse than prepping for winter only to find out half your jackets have been ruined by moths. Protecting your garments from bugs is essential to keeping them in good shape for cooler seasons. Using sealable bags or sealable plastic bins is key to ensuring your coats are protected against those pesky critters.

Keep them accessible

Whether it’s an upcoming trip abroad or unexpected weather changes, keeping your coats accessible can be helpful. If you store them in your home, make sure to label each bin or garment rack to save you time when looking for something. If you plan to store in an offsite storage, keep your bin near the door so it’s always accessible in case something comes up.