How I Balance Entrepreneurship and Motherhood – and you can too!

I became a mom at a very young age. 19 to be exact. While motherhood came with its fair share of struggles, challenges, and battles, each one prepared me for the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship. I launched my business at 25. Naïve, scared, and clueless, I faced my biggest fears and did what many could never bring themselves to do.

Being a mom, wife, and entrepreneur isn’t easy, but it’s possible. It comes with incredible benefits that most people could only dream of. Although balancing entrepreneurship and motherhood comes with its set of challenges, there are some things you can do to successfully make it work.

Below are five tips on how I balance entrepreneurship and motherhood, and how you can too.

Set systems and routines

I thrive on habits and routines. Whether it’s my morning workout, school drop off, or dinner with the family, I can always expect some things to be constant in my life. As a mom, I’ve found that routines help keep me and my family accountable for our responsibilities. As an entrepreneur, systems help me stay on track and focused on each project.

Be flexible

Both motherhood and entrepreneurship constantly throw curb balls your way. Whether your child is sick and requires you to take some time away from your business, or your internet crashes and prevents you from doing any work, things happen. Being flexible and rolling with the punches is essential to balancing entrepreneurship and motherhood. Sometimes, one role needs you more than the other, so ensuring you’re ready to tackle any task is crucial.

Set goals

If you feel like you’re constantly on the move for both your child and business, but can’t seem to progress, you might not be setting goals properly. Having a clear aim insight is essential to working towards something beneficial. Whether your goal is to eat dinners as a family every evening or consistently posting on social media, make sure you’re clear on where you’re going.

Practice mindfulness

I don’t know about you, but my mind is constantly going 100 miles per hour. I’m either with my daughter worrying about my business or working on my business thinking about my daughter. It’s safe to say neither one is productive, so practicing mindfulness is instrumental. Quieting your mind can help you focus on the task at hand and improve your clarity and productivity.

Have clear values

One of my biggest values in life is my family. No matter where I go or what I do, my family comes first, and I’ve made that clear when it comes to my business. Having clear values helps you set boundaries that allow you to make critical decisions both with your family and business. Take some time to discover what yours are and you’ll quickly realize how helpful it is to your work-life balance.