Five Major Benefits of Being a Mompreneur

Out of all the roles I’ve played in my life, being a mompreneur has to be one of my favorites. Since launching my business late last year, I continue to discover new reasons why I love being a mom and entrepreneur.

I get a lot of surprised looks, reactions, and questions about why I decided to launch a business as a mom. While my blessings are endless, I compiled my five major benefits of being a mompreneur.

  1. Embracing the flexibility

Being a working mom consists of constant negotiations, schedule changes, and settling for what works. Once my daughter started kindergarten, I quickly realized that I didn’t want to always put my child second to my work. Family is my number one priority, and as understanding as a company can be, they will never fully support a schedule built around your children.

As a mompreneur, I get to pick up my daughter from school, stay home if she’s sick, and be available for early pick up for checkups, appointments, and last-minute events. This is priceless.

  1. Having freedom

After a year at my last job, I had accumulated only five paid time off days. That’s right. After dedicating a year of my life to a company, I only earned five days off. Five days to spend with my family, five days for leisure, and five days to take care of my personal interests. That means that a summer vacation would have been nearly impossible to accomplish. Bye, bye, beach.

After six months of being a mompreneur, this has been one of the most impactful changes. I was able to spend an entire week in California to celebrate my daughter’s birthday. I also have a few summer getaways planned with my family. Something that would have never been possible if I hadn’t taken the leap.

  1. Setting an example

As a girl mom, it’s important for me to set a good example of a powerful woman to my daughter. I’m constantly reminding her that life doesn’t have to play out the way society tells you it should. As a mompreneur, I teach my daughter that success takes hard work, and it takes resilience to build a sustainable business.

I’m also proud to set an example of following your dreams and building a career doing something you’re incredibly passionate about.

  1. Being in charge

As a kindergartner, my daughter still has a hard time understanding what it is exactly that I do. When explaining my roles and responsibilities, her immediate connection is that I am in charge. That is exactly what it is.

As a mompreneur. I get to decide what I want to do, how I want to do it, and when I want to do it. If there’s a project that I don’t feel passionate about or a meeting I don’t want to attend, all I have to do is decline. Simple as that.

  1. Set your own limits

One of the biggest reasons why I decided to leave my corporate job was the lack of possibilities for growth. While working corporate provided me with a salary and steady income, it would always remain the same.

As a person who is constantly on the hunt for growth and change, I realized that a “secure job” would never offer that. If I really wanted to constantly break glass ceilings, I would have to change paths. So, I did.