5 Minimalist Design Tips to Transform Your Small Home

Although I love all things fashion and style, I’ve never thought of myself as someone with an eye for interior design. Unlike my sassy personal style, my taste in home décor is simple, relaxed, and airy. Over time, I’ve learned that I don’t need to cram my home with décor, furniture, and accessories that don’t make sense for my lifestyle.

Embracing a minimalist design helps me maintain a welcoming environment where I feel calm, motivated, and happy. It has also helped me optimize my limited space to make my small house feel like a hefty home.

A small space shouldn’t be restrictive or uninviting. Below are five minimalist design tips to make a small space feel like a spacious sanctuary.

Keep it light

The right paint color can help set the perfect foundation for your home. If your space gets a lot of natural light during the day, white walls may be your best bet to achieve a spacious feel. If you’re not so lucky, light paint colors can accomplish a similar look without the washed-out feel you’d get from white walls in a dark room.

Add a mirror

Mirrors create reflections of their surroundings, including light and textures. When placed intentionally, a mirror can create something like an optical illusion, making a room look bigger and brighter. They look great everywhere, including entryways, kitchens, and dining areas.

woman decluttering home and donating itemsIncorporate some plants

Plants are a great way to add dimension and personality to your home without making it feel confined or cluttered. If you’re worried you won’t be able to keep it alive, stick to low-maintenance indoor plants like succulents, pathos, or a snake plant. Indoor plants help enhance creativity, improve air quality, and reduce stress. 

Avoid bulky furniture

Shopping for furniture can be overwhelming, which is probably why so many of us purchase pieces that aren’t functional for our homes or lifestyles. While a spacious couch can be a tempting splurge for a newlywed couple in their first apartment, it might not make sense for the short lease and small living space. A bulky couch will take up a lot of valuable space in a tiny living room, making it feel congested.

Leave some breathing room

Empty spaces can be tempting to fill; however, blank spaces are essential to a roomy and comfortable environment. If your home feels confined, you probably have too much and can benefit from a decluttering session. When it comes to minimalist home décor, less is definitely more.