Perhaps it’s time to start running time drills on the clock again.

A new study found only four out of five children ages six to 12 years old can tell time using an analog clock, according to the Daily Mail.

And only one in ten children ages 6 to 12 years old own a watch.

This is largely to do with how many children own an smartphone or iPad, and depend on the digital reading to tell what time it is.

The result is most of the children showing up for school can’t read the clock in the classroom, and have no idea what time it is throughout the day.

Most schools and classrooms ask that students don’t bring cell phones or use them during class. So unless they are able to sneak a peak at their phone screen, they are lost on the current time.

As a result, the Boy and Girls Club of America have launched a special program for the school to help teach the children how to properly tell time, according to the Daily Mail.

They even sent the kids home with a wristwatch that helps teach them time telling skills.

Teaching children how to tell time using an analog clock is critical. There are various tools and tricks available to help teach kids how to read a clock.

Most kids get frustrated with the fact that the numbers have two different meanings, according to

Helping kids get a grasp on the fact that the Number 1 also means 5 can be challenging, but once they understand the concept it’s usually a skill they pick up quickly.

A skill that is necessary yet dwindling. In Oklahoma City, more than 150 kids took a 15 question time telling survey at the school, according to Erie News.

Only 31 students passed, 15 of them with a perfect score.