Are you always setting your phone down to find you don’t remember where you put it? Well, thanks to a nifty little tool called GearEye, you can keep track of every item you tend to misplace.

Here’s how it works. GearEye comes with either a remote or cell phone case, barcode-looking stickers, and an app.

All you have to do is put a sticker on an item, set up the app, and use the remote to locate your item any time you find it’s missing.

It works by using RFID stickers, which the remote reads at an extended range. The remote doesn’t need to be powered, and the app allows you to create lists and log items.

When you use the remote to locate your items, the app will show you which items are found and which items are missing.

For example, if you’re a videographer and you have tons of equipment you take with you to shoots, like a camera, tripod, various lenses, filters, microphones and battery packs, GearEye will make sure all the items you’ve tagged with the RFID stickers are in your bag, and let you know which items come up missing.

It’s a great way to help keep track of all the expensive gear photographers and videographers, for example, carry with them on a daily basis for their trade.

And if something comes up missing, GearEye will locate it for you and let you know where it’s at. You can even create a list of important items that require extra attention to ensure they are where they’re suppose to be at all times.

GearEye is on pre-sale for $129. They also offer various packages with stickers in three sizes, as well as stickers specially designed for metal gear like camera rigs.

GearEye is estimated to start shipping in July.