There’s always some new diet trend hitting the market, and right now it’s called souping.

Remember when fresh pressed juice was all the rage, and people would flock to their local juice bar to spend hundreds of dollars on a five day juice cleanse?

Well, apparently souping is the new cleanse that people are raving about.

Both cleanses aim to give the digestion system a break while helping the body detox. Some people who go on a juice cleanse can experience detox symptoms such as headaches and fatigue, but souping is claiming users won’t go through the dreaded juice detox.

With souping, people can still add in veggies or legumes to the broth, meaning your body will feel full and satisfied.

People have even raved about using beef bone broth in their soup because of the amazing health benefits it provides such as aiding digestion, acting as an anti-inflammatory, and even refueling the body with essential minerals.

And because the fiber isn’t removed from the soup like it is with juicing, people feel full on less calories, according to the Huffington Post.

But a low calorie diet for too long is also not ideal for those who live an active lifestyle, according to Azfamily. Most soups only consist of about 1,200 calories which is not very sustainable.

More importantly, our bodies do well naturally detoxing themselves.

Souping companies have been popping up and marketing to the new trend, selling souping meal plans for those who want to try the new detox/diet program.

But health professionals suggest the best way to try souping is to only replace it for one meal out of the day, and not all three.

Like any new diet fad, users should make sure souping is the right method for them, and more importantly to listen to their body and adjust as needed.