Need a New Year’s Resolution? Try Doing Veganuary

There is a new diet trend emerging and it’s just in time for everyone seeking a New Year’s resolution.

Those who are vegan, a diet that consists of no animal products like meat, eggs or fish, are encouraging people to try going vegan during the month of January, hence the name Veganuary.

The goal is to help people better understand the diet and to hopefully entice more people to stick to a vegan diet even after the month is over.

Choosing the plant-based diet is also said to be one of the best things people can do for their health and overall wellbeing. Studies have showed removing animal products lowers cholesterol and helps eliminate the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes, according to

Another reason why vegan activists urge people to try out the diet is because the food consumed goes back to what man ate before meat was introduced into their diet.

Fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, seeds and grains were the primary food sources before meat and other animal products were eventually introduced into man’s diet.

A vegan diet is also said to help the environment. Roughly 80 percent of the deforestation in the Amazon is due to cattle raising, and greenhouse gas emissions from food production are expected to raise 80 percent by 2050, according to CNN.

But going vegan might not be for everyone. Some people who introduced the new diet into their routine claimed the felt great for the first few months, only to begin noticing weight gain and bloating.

It was when they slowly introduced lean meat back into their diet did they notice their weight start to level out and began to feel better overall.

Others who have chosen the vegan lifestyle say they felt an increase in energy, had better looking skin, and leveled out their weight struggles.

Overall, choosing to go vegan this January is something everyone must decide for themselves. Each person’s body responds differently to new diets.

But if you do decide to go vegan, research suggests making the move slowly, and gradually allow your body to get use to the new plant-based diet.

Allow yourself a few weeks to a month to slowly remove animal-based products from your diet to ensure your body adjusts effectively.