Sometimes getting a pet to a veterinarian is not the easiest task.

Whether it’s due to the animal having anxiety about getting into the car, or an aging pet who has a difficult time making the trip, having the option to have a vet come to a client’s home is a wonderful service.

Mobile vets have started popping up and provide pet owners with the option to have their pet cared for in the comfort of their home.

And these hospitals on wheels provide more services than just general check-ups. In fact most mobile vets can spay or neuter, perform basic surgeries, run tests, and administer vaccinations all from their moving command center.

Just a few days ago my mom had a mobile vet come to her home to check up on our family dog, Cody. He has suffered from seizures in the past and refuses to get into the car.

We found a wonderful vet who has a mobile vet service and he was nice enough to come out on a Sunday, and not just any Sunday. He came on Super Bowl Sunday.

Like most mobile vets he charges a travel fee, but he was the most reasonable quote we received, and he didn’t charge us more for a weekend visit.

He was able to do a complete check-up and take blood to test at his lab. He was compassionate and took his time while answering all of our questions.

Utilizing a mobile vet can be a great option and life saver! Check out the list below of mobile vets. The first vet is the one my mom choose for Cody.

  • Home Veterinary Care: Open seven days a week, 602-577-6067
  • Valet Vet: Open Monday-Friday, 623-738-2738
  • Vet To You: Open Monday-Friday, 480-809-5700

*Please note most vets on wheels do have a radius in which they provide their services and you will have to call to make sure they take patients in your area.