10 Self-Care Tips to Combat Work-Related Stress

No matter how much we try to avoid it, dealing with stress is almost inevitable. If the long workdays are finally getting to you, you’re not alone. Many working professions deal with high work-related stress every day. While I can’t possibly imagine what kind of troubles you’re dealing with, there are things we can all try to combat work-related stress.

Below are 10 self-care tips to combat work-related stress after a long day in the office.  

Get some fresh air

Stepping outside for even five minutes a day has great benefits. Taking the time to breathe in the fresh air can help you combat the negative emotions you’re feeling. Make it a habit to go outside after your long day of work. Check the main, sit in the backyard, or take a walk around the block.

Try aromatherapy

There’s nothing like a soothing smell to help you feel good and create a positive ambiance. Whether you’re a candle kind of person or prefer oil diffusers throughout your home, aromatherapy can help you combat stress with little effort.

Take a bath

Baths and showers are a great way to wash away all your negative emotions and stressors from the day. You can also incorporate aromatherapy into your showers or baths with salts and shower gels. A great way to get the most out of your limited time.

Keep a journal

Writing down your feelings and emotions is a great way to combat any type of stress. Keeping a specific work journal can be beneficial if you’re ever contemplating leaving your position or giving feedback to your managers.

Detox from digital

If you spend the majority of your working hours in front of a screen, the last thing you should be doing after a stressful day is ending your day with more screen time. Show yourself you care by stepping away from your phone and detoxing from digital.

Do a guided meditation

OK, you might need your phone for this one, but it’s for a good reason. Guided meditations can help us relax and find clarity in just a few minutes. There are tons of options out there, but one of my favorites (and free) apps is Insight Timer.

Listen to feel-good music

Feel good music is always my go-to when I’m feeling stressed or down. Create a playlist with all your favorite tunes and play it when you clock out. There’s nothing a good song can’t fix.

Get some alone time

If you’re like me, you probably dash from your work tasks to your home/family responsibilities. Finding buffer time between the two can be critical when trying to combat work-related stress. Find pockets of time you can spend alone and take some time to relax.

Put your feet up

Literally. There are many benefits to elevating your feet after a long day. Not only does it promote natural blood flow, but it also relieves pressure off your veins and reduces inflammation.

Take deep breaths

This is the easiest self-care trick we can try, and somehow, many of us never do it. Taking deep breaths, even for one minute, can help you stabilize blood pressure and lower stress.