As a young mom, I’m often asked why I would start a business while having the responsibility of being a parent. A lot of my peers thought I was crazy for starting a business while raising a child. However, being a mom has helped me learn to fail forward, maneuver my way through the jungle of challenges, and brace myself through the ups and downs of the entrepreneur roller coaster.

Immediately after launching my business, I learned that there are numerous similarities between being a mom and an entrepreneur. Here are my top five.

  1. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach

While there are countless resources for both parenting and entrepreneurship, there is nothing that can prepare you for the task more than just doing it. Just like no two babies are alike, no businesses are either. The only way to truly learn, improve and grow is to get out there and do it.

  1. You’re always on-call

As a mom, I’ve learned to never get too comfortable. Whether that’s trying to take a nap during the baby’s nap time (they always manage to cry as soon as you shut your eyes) or starting a project only to get a call from the babysitter because your baby is running a fever. As a business owner, your business is your baby, and sometimes, your clients are that fever. You learn to drop everything and assist the baby (the human or the business).

  1. You know when to put your ego aside

While cultivating your ego, self-esteem, and self-worth, is important to me (i.e. why I named my business Exclusively Ego), I’ve learned to set it aside in times of need. Like I mentioned above, there is no one way to parent or run a business, so mistakes will be made, a lot of them. You learn to accept your failures and put your pride aside.

  1. The only boss is you

In parenting, there’s no one looking over your shoulder, evaluating your work, and giving you gold stars for every move you make. The same goes for entrepreneurship. While being your own boss sounds glamorous, it’s actually terrifying knowing that your success depends solely on you. The same way it’s stressful to think that the future of your child is determined by your parenting skills.

  1. Resourcefulness

As a thrifter, I’m known for being resourceful, but nothing compares to the practical thinking a mom has to go through to make ends meet sometimes. Whether it’s couponing for the best diapers or finding the best childcare within your radius and budget. Being a mom taught me that there is nothing I can’t have if I set my mind to it, and that’s been a great lesson as an entrepreneur. Trust me, if I need a new desk for my in-home office, I will find a way to get it.