Why Women Need To Empower Other Women

When it comes to women, our biggest fans and allies should be other women. In today’s world women empowering each other can go a long way.

Just look at the Me Too and Time’s Up movements where women have heard the cries of one another and are coming together to force change and the betterment for women everywhere.

There’s no denying women have a certain kind of secret sisterhood, a bond that inherently ties us together with the mutual understanding of what our struggles are today.

But there are still circumstances of women sacrificing others for reasons that go beyond the boardroom. True, women have learned that it’s a dog-eat-dog kind of world, and in order to advance and be heard you must hold your own, especially when it comes to being a woman in a man’s world.

However, when did we start sacrificing other women in the pursuit to get ahead in life?

Hear me out, because I truly am not saying women are too masculine today, or that women should not be go-getters and independent bad-ass boss ladies.

But what I am saying is that instead of being so willing to cut someone’s character, why don’t we try to lift each other up once in a while?

Let’s face it, ladies. Women can be catty. When we feel our territory is being invaded we tend to spray our scent on whatever we are trying to protect.

But what if in the effort to stand our ground are we really just shooting ourselves in the foot? Perhaps we are too quick to make judgements, protecting something that does not require our protection, and in turn killing a potentially positive and beneficial relationship in the process.

Think about it. How many times have you judged a woman for what she is wearing or her plastic surgery choices? We are all guilty of looking at another woman and criticizing her for a blouse that’s a “bad” color, lips that are too plump, and a haircut that we think doesn’t suit her.

But what good does that bring to anything? Does it benefit your life somehow to silently judge her? Does it make her change her choice of hairstyle, even when we preach that women should feel more confident in their own skin?

I hate to say it but we are half to blame. We cut others down and wonder why women have low self esteem. Perhaps it’s because we are the cause of some of it.

Instead of passing judgement we need to give compliments, and when you see a female co-worker doing well praise her for a job well done instead of thinking she is gunning for you.

Now, more than ever, we must stick together. We must hold one another to a higher standard and set the precedent of how we want our daughters to grow into women.

We must lead by example, and in order to set a good example we must empower each other and stand side by side.