Don’t Wear White After Labor Day – And Five Other Fashion Rules to Ignore

As a personal stylist, I’m frequently asked about fashion rules to be mindful of. Mixing patterns, color clashing, and seasonal fabrics are all concerns. I quickly debunk the importance of all of them.

One of the things that differentiate me as a personal stylist is that I chose to ignore those rules. While some like to use rules as guidelines, I would much rather experiment with what makes me happy and feel my best. In my opinion, fashion rules were made to create restrictions for people of a certain size, color, and income class. It’s 2018 and time to change things. Starting with silly fashion rules.

If you’re ready to define your own style and start breaking some fashion rules, start with the six below.

  1. Don’t wear white after Labor Day

Labor Day is known as the end of summer, therefore, used as the last day to be able to wear white. Actually, light colors, in general are usually frowned upon by many during the cooler months. If white (or any color) is your go-to, don’t let a silly holiday or time of year stop you from wearing it.

  1. Don’t wear black in the summer

It’s been said that black absorbs more heat than other fabric colors, therefore, making it an avoided color during the summer months. While it might be true, the decision should be left to each individual to make. Are you a coach that spends the majority of the day outside or a secretary that works from an air-conditioned facility? You decide.

  1. Don’t mix prints

This is probably one of the longest standing fashion rules. Today, some of the world’s top designers mix bold prints to achieve a maximalist look. If being bold and standing out is more your style, then mix away, fashionista!

  1. Don’t do double denim

One of my favorite current trends is denim on denim. Not only is it an easy look to achieve, but it looks great on everyone. Mixing different denim washes was the top concern before, but not anymore. How you choose to style your denim on denim look is up to you.

  1. Always match your shoes to your bag

There’s nothing wrong with a matchy-matchy look, but it’s no longer necessary. Purchasing shoes in the same color as handbags used to be a requirement in the past. Luckily, you can now mix and match your favorite accessories. I won’t judge.

  1. Avoid horizontal stripes

Excluding people of a certain size from wearing specific prints is one of the top reasons why I choose to ignore fashion rules. If a size 2 can wear a horizontal stripe top, why can’t a size 14? Inclusivity, diversity, and individuality are what makes us special. Let’s embrace that.

The truth of the matter is if something makes you feel good and isn’t affecting anyone else’s life, do it. Show up and be the best version of yourself. Trust me, ten years from now you will not regret taking that fashion risk.