How To Stay Fit This Holiday Season

The holidays can be hard when you’re trying to stick to a strict diet. With all the sugar cookies, brownies and pies (oh my!) it can be difficult not to be tempted to the point of over indulgence.

When it comes to the holidays and staying on track health wise, being modest and not depriving yourself is one of the best ways to enjoy the holiday goodies while not falling off the wagon.

Depriving yourself can only lead to indulging, and that’s the fastest way to throw all your hard work out the window.

However, if you do have a strict diet, try keeping to it by following the same rules during the holidays as you follow any other time of the year.

Snack on vegetables while at holiday parties to help you feel full and satisfied. Veggies are a great way to keep yourself from snacking on all the heavy holiday appetizers.

Stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water, especially if you’re going to sip on a few cocktails during the night. Alcohol can account for a lot of calories so watch how many glasses of champagne you have.

When it’s time to enjoy Christmas dinner make your plate as you normally would. That means sticking to small portions, going for leafy greens over mashed potatoes, and not forgetting some protein.

Many people feel like they over eat during the holiday time because they make large plates and indulge in all the goodness that’s on the table.

True, certain goodies are only enjoyed during this time of year, but it’s key to keep your portions controlled and not force yourself to eat more than you are comfortable eating.

If there is something you are just craving to enjoy, treat yourself to a little bit. Don’t go crazy, instead put a small amount on your plate and enjoy it.

The same thing goes for all the amazing sweets. Are there multiple goodies you are looking to try? Cut yourself bite-sized portions and create a small assortment over reaching for the full-size portions. Better yet, grab a friend or loved one and share a plate.

You can still enjoy all the yummy food the holiday season offers, and remember, stick to your normal workout routine if you can.

For those who are traveling during the holiday season, try getting in a walk or nice run to replace the time you’ll miss at the gym. That way you feel great and ready to ring in the new year!