These Five Tools Can Help Promote Independence in Kids

It’s a natural human instinct for parents to feel the constant need to protect and provide for their children. While providing a safe and supportive environment is essential to a child’s development, hypervigilance can do more harm than good in the long run.

Below are five tools that help me promote independence in my daughter, and they can do the same for your kids, too.

Daily planner

If your child is old enough to read, write, and understand the concept of time, they would likely benefit from a daily planner. A planner is a must-have for kids balancing school assignments, sports, and extracurricular activities. Learning to follow a calendar can help your child plan their days responsibly. A valuable skill they’ll be glad they

Smart speaker

It took me a while to buy into the smart speaker craze. These voice command devices are a great way to master daily tasks independently. The smart speaker in my daughter’s room serves as an alarm clock to wake her up for school, a timer to ensure she brushes her teeth long enough, and a virtual assistant to answer her countless questions.

Routine checklists

Like many parents, I’m guilty of helicoptering over my daughter to get her to complete a task. Whether telling her to make her bed, do her homework, or brush her teeth, I grew tired of constantly nagging her to move on to the next task. To solve the issue, I created reusable checklists that help keep her accountable and on-task.

Portable step stool

Simple tasks, such as hand washing, brushing their teeth, and grabbing a snack from the pantry, are easy ways to encourage independence in kids. If their height is a problem for your little one, consider purchasing a portable stepping stool that can go wherever their needs take them. When your child is ready, you can promote them to your least favorite chore. Dishwashing!

Prepaid debit card

Raising financially independent kids is a goal for many parents. In addition to learning the fundamentals of budgeting and managing money, getting real-life experience is crucial to their understanding. Prepaid debit cards make that possible.

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