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Low-stress jobs actually exist! And what guess what? They pay really well too!

Business Insider consulted with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to create a list of the top least stressful jobs in the world. They used the Occupational Information Network (a database that ranks professions based off how stressful they are) to compare professions on a 0 to 100 scale – 100 being the most stressful. Here is a list of the top 10 highest paying, low-stress jobs; according to Business Insider:

Orthodontist: In case you aren’t familiar with what an orthodontist does…they deal with teeth. But, that’s not all. They examine, design, and treat your teeth in order to better your appearance.

Stress Tolerance: 67.0

Average Annual Salary: $196,270


Computer and Information Systems Managers: These managers are responsible for working with computer systems. They manage, create, and implement systems that are requested by the organization they work with.

Stress Tolerance64.3

Average Annual Salary: $132,570


Law Teachers: Pretty self explanatory, law teachers teach law and they are rewarded handsomely for their knowledge.

Stress Tolerance: 62.8

Average Annual Salary: $122,280


Physicist: According to Business Insider, physicist’s “conduct research into physical phenomena, develop theories on the basis of observation and experiments, and devise methods to apply physical laws and theories.” Busy, busy!

Stress Tolerance: 61

Average Annual Salary: $117,040

Female pediatrician doing eye check-up to little girl


Optometrist: Optometrist are the people you go to every once in a while for an eye exam. They are usually the one’s telling you whether or not your eye sight has changed and prescribe your contacts.

Stress Tolerance: 70.3

Average Annual Salary: $111,640


Astronomers: According to Business Insider, “observe, research, and interpret astronomical phenomena to increase basic knowledge or apply such information to practical problems.”

Stress Tolerance: 62.0

Average Annual Salary: $110,440


Geoscientists: Earth! Geoscientists study the earth, which means they probably spend a lot of time outside. What could be more relaxing than that?

Stress Tolerance: 62.5

Average Annual Salary: $108,420 


Actuaries: Actuaries analyze finances. They are the people making sure something makes “good financial sense.” They can tell where there’s risk and where there isn’t – actuaries are very important for business and every day people.

Stress Tolerance: 63.8

Average Annual Salary: $107,740


Computer Hardware Engineers: These professionals deal with computers all day, every day. They research computer related information, design and even create. Being in this field means having a talent and interest for computers.

Stress Tolerance: 67.0

Average Annual Salary: $106,930


Group of a serious business people standing in a row in office

Mathematics: So much math! People in this profession solve math problems for a living. They don’t necessarily have to be math teachers. They can work in any field that deals with some sort of problem solving.

Stress Tolerance: 57.3

Average Annual Salary: $103,310


It might shock you to find out these jobs are low in stress. If you’re thinking about a change in career, take this list into consideration. If not these exact titles, search for jobs that are in a similar field. Too much anxiety is never a good thing. Make sure the job you have is a job you love. If not, remember – there are jobs out there that will better your life, without reducing your pay.