Why You Need Rose Oil in your Beauty Regimen

Valentine’s Day may be over, but we’re not through with our rose obsession. Rose oil, that is. 

Rose oil is the newest craze in the beauty industry and for good reason. Unlike many overpriced beauty products we’re constantly sold at the beauty counter, rose oil is accessible to anyone. The facial oil serves many purposes and can be the ultimate replacement for many of your beauty regimen needs.

If you’re in the market for a natural product that can replace dozens of products taking space in your vanity, then rose oil might be for you. Below are six major benefits to adding rose oil to your beauty regimen.

It’s affordable

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m no beauty guru. I stick with the basics and only try new products if I’m convinced, they’ll do the job. When I heard about this oil and all its benefits, I knew I had to give it a try. I found the perfect option at my local Trader Joe’s, and for only $5, I just couldn’t resist. There are other natural options within similar price points.

It’s Anti-Aging

Rose oil is an astringent, which is a fancy term for something that contracts your skin. This makes it a great tool for tightening and firming the skin. I apply two pumps of oil after cleansing and icing my face in the evening and apply two more pumps in the morning before applying a sunscreen moisturizer.

It Clears Up Acne

As an adult who struggles with acne, rose oil has been a game changer in my beauty regimen. I’ve tried dozens of products that promise clear skin only to leave it dry, flaky, and with horrible scarring. Rose oil is known to be a strong anti-bacterial which kills acne.

Moisturizes skin

The cold winter months are tough on our skin, so having a good moisturizer handy is crucial to prevent flakiness. This multi-purposeful oil completely moisturizes the skin without leaving it oily or greasy. The skin absorbs the oil and leaves the skin radiant and dewy.

Soothes Redness

If you struggle with eczema, severely dry skin, or deal with skin redness, rose oil can be a lifesaver. Rose oil soothes redness and irritation by relieving inflammation while increasing the skin’s moisture barrier.

Prevents Hair Loss and Strengthens Hair

If you thought rose oil could only be used as a skin treatment, think again. Rose oil is known as a great hair and scalp moisturizer as well. By massaging rose oil onto your scalp, you strengthen the roots, therefore growing stronger, healthier hair. I also apply a few pumps of oil onto my ends to prevent breakage and promote a healthier glow.