Celebrity Secrets On Aging Gracefully

It’s inevitable, we all age and sometimes we can get caught up on capturing youth as oppose to embracing the journey and aging gracefully.

We stare at the fine lines on our forehead, the little sun spots from when we tanned using baby oil, and the crows feet around our eyes.

We get suckered into buying all sorts of skincare products to mask our age instead of embracing it and working with it. And most of all, we look at the celebs gracing our magazine covers and wonder, “How do they look so great for their age?”

Well, although much of what goes into that cover shoot involves a full glam squad and Photoshop, there are a few tricks we can steal from the celebs when it comes to how to age with grace.

Just because we are aging doesn’t mean we should throw skincare out the window. You can still embrace your age while taking care of yourself, am I right?!

So here are some tips to embrace the aging process while still feeling fabulous.

First thing is to always stick to a great skincare routine, and make sure to adjust it when necessary. Using products that help stimulate collagen reproduction, protect your skin from environmental aggressors, and boost hydration are all great in helping to maintain a glowing complexion.

Don’t skip the visits to your dermatologist. As we age we start to see little things appear like sun spots or sun damage. It’s important to make sure you are staying on top of your dermatologist appointments and being proactive in getting your skin checked for skin cancer. Always keep an eye out for sore spots, dry patches that won’t heal, and anything that looks of an odd shape or color.

Use sunscreen daily! Never skip the sunscreen when it comes to your daily routine, and always be smart about reapplying it. Whether your sunscreen is in your daily moisturizer or foundation, always protect your skin and be mindful that in order for sunscreen to work, you must reapply it throughout the day. You can find great face mists with SPF in them, or blotting powder with SPF so you are never on the go without your sun protection.

Be mindful of the makeup you are wearing and change products if you suspect they are causing skin irritations or allergies. Certain products might have worked great a few years ago, but as your skin changes it may not tolerate what it once did. Keep your makeup brushes clean and always throw out old makeup if it’s expired.

Be smart about your diet. What you put in your body effects your skin, and eating a healthy diet will help maintain healthy skin. Your skin is the largest organ of the body, and it can act as a road map when it comes to your health and how it correlates to your diet.

Pamper yourself! Celebs are really good at taking time to pamper themselves and you should, too! Make time for a facial or massage. Take time out of your busy week to use a face mask full of antioxidants. Indulging in treatments specifically targeted at skin concerns will not only help reverse skin damage, but help prevent future damage.

It is possible to age with grace and beauty and you don’t have to be on a millionaire’s budget to do so. So have fun relaxing and enjoying all of life’s little journeys.