Take a Journey Through Local Cuisine with 319 Hidden Kitchen

Getting ready to dig into the third course!

Last night I had the pleasure of participating in a “supper club” hosted by 319 Hidden Kitchen. Surrounded by women I’ve never met, Chef Ivan Jacobo created a place where people can “come together through food.”

The concept of a dinner club or supper club was not something I was familiar with until last night. The minds behind 319 send out weekly emails detailing where the next pop up dinner will be, you confirm your reservation, and then you enjoy an exhilarating meal surrounded by people who are as excited about food as you are.

After sitting down and making introductions, the energy among the young women in the room was vibrant. It showed me how easy it is to get along with other women in the right atmosphere. Food, drink, and no pressure to network or act any certain way, we were all strangers gathered by the idea of a good time. The amazing four-course meal we were served added to the common ground we found with each other.

The secrecy behind the Hidden Kitchen is no accident. It’s like a private club only foodie locals know about. The fun thing is, it is highly likely that every time you go you will meet someone new. In addition to the social side of things, 319 Hidden Kitchen also does meal delivery and private catering events.

On top of the exclusivity of it all, the entire company is dedicated to uplifting the community around them. Chef Ivan Jacobo, the mastermind behind 319, explained where each dish came from and where the ingredient was sourced in Phoenix. The walls were adorned with beautiful paintings from a local artist, which rotates throughout the year.

319 Hidden Kitchen

The stunning first course by Chef Ivan Jacobo. All locally sourced ingredients.

Chef Jacobo explained how 319 is exploring routes partnering with AirBnB, apartment complexes in the valley and charity work. Supporting local charities is a vital part of 319’s operation. In order to uplift a community and bring people together, it’s important to give back. 319 is dedicated to doing just that.

Phoenix can seem so spread out at times, but after last night, it reminded me how small it is. And it was comforting. It was a great way to meet new people, enjoy top-notch cuisine, support local business, and above all have fun. Find 319 Hidden Kitchen on Instagram and sign up for the email list on their website 319hiddenkitchen.com.