What Are Face Mists, And Do You Need One?

Have you ever been on a flight and seen a chic woman pull an expensive looking bottle out of her Hermès bag and spritz her face with its contents?

What she is using is called a face mist, and lucky for us we don’t have to be on a champagne budget to have one in our bag, too.

Face mists are sprays comprised of either mineral water or essential oil blends that provide multiple benefits to the skin, one of them being added hydration.

That’s why Mrs. Chic was spraying her mist on the plane, when the air quality can be especially harsh during long flights and travel.

Not only do face mists provide a boost of hydration, they also tone the skin and can even be used to set makeup. They really are a 3-in-1 kind of product.

But choosing the right kind of face mist is essential in order to reap the full benefits they provide. For those who have oily skin a water-based face mist will work best because it will actually help balance out your skin.

Water-based mists are meant to be sprayed on then gently patted off the skin after a few seconds. You never want to let a water-based mist fully absorb into your bare skin because it can actually make your drier as oppose to adding hydration.

This is because water can pull moisture out of the skin, therefore, those with an oily complexion can actually benefit from a water-based mist because it will help dry oily skin out a bit.

For those who are on the dry side, using a mist with essential oils will help restore some much needed moisture back into the skin.

Not only do face mists help balance out the skin and tone it, they also help prep skin for makeup and boost the performance of your skincare products.

Damp skin absorbs better, so try misting your face before adding your moisturizer. It will help soak in all the amazing ingredients of your masks or moisturizers while giving you a dewy glow.

You can even mist your face before and after makeup application for a more natural look and glow. However, one thing to keep in mind when using a face mist to set makeup is to use a water-based mist instead of an oil. Oils will breakdown the makeup as oppose to setting it and giving it a dewy finish.

Using face mists can be extremely beneficial for the skin and are great multi-use products to keep in the beauty bag. The best part is there are some amazing and affordable mists out there so you can try a few and see how you like them!

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