1. This is such a great and relaxing time. Seriously, why have I never done this before? No wonder everyone is always talking about hot yoga. I am definitely going to have to make this a part of my daily regimen.
  2. Woo! It is toasty in here. Why is it hot in here again? It’s something about sweating out the toxins right?
  3. I am so at peace right now. My mind is blank and I have no thoughts…well now I’m thinking a little.
  4. I didn’t even know I could move like this. I’m like an acrobat right now. Why was I never a cheerleader?! I am so good at holding these poses.
  5. Nope! Can’t do that poseIs anyone else shaking uncontrollably? I feel like everyone can tell that I am 3 seconds away from toppling over.
  6. Okay it is really hot in here! Is it supposed to be this hot? Is this safe? I know my mind is supposed to be blank but it is HOT in here! I am soaking wet! I have never sweat this much in my entire life.
  7. Of course I am next to the most flexible human being in the world right now. Is nobody else struggling? Why am I the only one who is struggling?!
  8. Why is this guy grunting? Should I be grunting too? Woo! What is that noise and where is it coming from? Ugh, I fell.
  9. Is it time for child pose yet? I can’t feel my legs. I can’t feel my arms. I can’t feel anything.
  10. Okay it is absolutely way too hot in here! I feel sick! I’m gonna have to walk out of here. This can’t be safe…It really can’t. It’s like 140 degrees in here and their are people everywhere which makes it hotter. I can’t breathe.
  11. Crap! There are too many people blocking the door. Isn’t that a safety hazard? Why is no one else trying to run out of this door? Maybe the class is almost over…? Okay. Okay.
  12. Yes child’s pose! I love this pose. It’s the most comfortable pose that we’ve done all class.
  13. How many more minutes are left in this class? Okay, so we are still doing things. Isn’t this class only an hour long?
  14. Nope! Can’t do that pose either. I refuse to do any more of this! Would it be appropriate for me to just lay flat on my mat or would people judge me? Let me just act like I’m still kind of doing something.
  15. Ooooh the lights are dimming! Does this mean this class is almost over? ARE WE DONE? Oh, I think I’m going to cry from happiness.
  16. YES! SHAVASANA! *drops to the floor*