couple.flirting.image.Imagine swiping right on Tinder because “YAS” you have found your future husband. He is good looking and according to his short 140 character bio…he is absolutely amazing. You messaging each other and he says something like, “your the most beautiful girl in the entire world.” Hang on! “Your….?” He doesn’t know how to use the correct form of “you are?!” Maybe you let it go because he’s your future husband and you will probably have to overcome a lot in your relationship. But, the conversation keeps going and he is still making spelling errors. “Their” instead of “they’re!” “A lot” instead of “a lot!” Then he drops the bomb by putting “u” instead of “you.” The nerve! Now, you are no English major but still…people need to stop making so many spelling errors, right?

It turns out you are not alone! Spelling errors are a huge pet peeve for many women. One’s feelings can be squashed oh so quickly by someone using the wrong form of “to.” According to a study conducted by the popular dating app Zoosk, bad grammar does affect your dating life. In an article published on E! News, “93% of online daters favor those who end their sentences with a period.” What can I say, there is just something very sexy about using proper grammar when trying to woo someone.

It appears that women respond better to a grammatically correct sentence because it means that the person they are communicating with actually cares! Someone who sends a well constructed message is basically saying that they aren’t too lazy or too busy to double check the messages they send to you. It’s important to make your significant other feel as if they truly matter.

Are you attempting to find love via social media sites? There is nothing wrong with that, but make you sure double check the messages you send or you may find yourself out of potential matches.