A Food That Can Help Cut Cancer Risk By Two Thirds!


According to a study conducted by The University of Western Australia in Perth, eating mushrooms daily may reduce breast cancer risk by nearly two thirds. The study, conducted in China, looked at more than 2000 women, half of whom had suffered from breast cancer.


Researchers found that women who ate a third of an ounce of fresh mushrooms every day had lowered their risk of developing a tumor by 64%. Dried mushrooms didn’t have quite the same benefit, but still reduced the risk “by around half.” The study also found that the women who regularly drank green tea, combined with their daily serving of fresh mushrooms, reduced their risk by 90%.


When reporting this study in 2009, The Telegraph went on to say that animal tests show mushrooms have “anti-tumor properties and can stimulate the immune system’s defenses.” Mushrooms might accomplish this by blocking “the body’s production of the hormone oestrogen, (also spelled as estrogen), which can encourage the development of cancer.” (1)

Mushrooms are a meaty type of food that can be a delicious substitute for meat in recipes. Mushrooms are also low in calories. They are 80–90% water, which makes them a healthy, weight-conscious substitute for meats when you want to cut calories.


Mushrooms have been studied extensively for their health benefits because they have been found to aid the immune system. These dense, smooth, earthy fungi grow in thousands of varieties, and most of them are rich in potassium, selenium, copper, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, and B-complex vitamins.


Adding mushrooms to dishes is easy. Thinly slice them for salads, pasta dishes, and sandwiches—or serve them as a side dish. Grilling them is always great, and mushrooms make a tasty and healthy alternative to a burger. I love to sauté them with onions and butter to bring out the rich flavor of savory mushrooms. Each mushroom has a different flavor, so experiment by trying different varieties.


Nancy Addison is a certified health counselor, certified in plant-based nutrition, certified raw food chef, certified in Health-Supportive Cooking, and certified in Mediterranean Cooking.. Nancy has written award-winning books on health, nutrition and cooking. You can reach her on her website, Organic Healthy Lifeor find more easy, healthy recipes in Nancy’s cookbooks, How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian, Diabetes And Your Diet, and Raising Healthy Children.



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