Being your best-self means you cherish, nurture, and accept yourself in order to maximize the love you that you can give and receive. Make no mistake, being and feeling valuable and loveable doesn’t mean acting as if you are “better than” or harshly criticizing yourself or others. Instead, it is quite the opposite. Being comfortable, contented in your own skin, and being tender to yourself, often results in you having healthy, loving relationships you ever wish you could crack the man code and easily attract a high quality man who keeps on being devoted, loving, and pays attention to you as the years go by? Let me fill you in on the biggest secret, which is all about starting with yourself first to create your best-self! You might be pleasantly surprised that men are attracted to the intelligent, sassy, confident woman who feels worthy and is comfortable being her true self.  The wonderful news is that you don’t have to dumb down or act as if you are inferior in intellect, your career, or financial success. Instead, being your best-self empowers you to attract quality men and deepen your connection to them.

Essentially, if you do not truly love and accept yourself, no amount of loving words, compliments, or physical and sexual affection can fulfill the doubt and the emotional hole of being worthy and loveable enough. This is when you become vulnerable to the fear that you will anger, disappoint, or not please your partner enough… with the ultimate fear being that he will cheat on you and leave you. The more you align yourself to these fears, the more desperate you become to have your lover continually affirm how beautiful, sexy, capable, intelligent you are – until that terrible self-fulfilling prophesy of what you been afraid of actually comes to pass, leaving you even more wounded. Do you mistakenly think that if you give more love to others, you’ll get more love? Let’s get started with three action steps.

Three Steps to Instantly Love Yourself and Power up Your Love

  1. STOP engaging in self-sabotage thinking whenever you notice yourself becoming critical of yourself or others.  All change for self improvement starts with awareness.
  2. Write down your specific thoughts you are having when you find yourself judging and criticizing; writing helps increase your awareness of what’s really behind the feelings you are experiencing and gives you practice in nurturing yourself.
  3. Change and redirect your negativity with affirming, supportive, or loving messages. These are different than just positive statements. Your goal is to aim towards avoiding judgment, remaining neutral, and practicing tender thoughts that are kind and warm.

There’s HOPE!  When you activate your best-self, you magically and magnetically impact yourself and those all around you. Begin now to be EXTRAordinary and to have the love and life you dream of.

Mamiko Odegard - PhDDr. Mamiko Odegard, the celebrated love, relationship, and performance expert, has long used her unique ACT on Love™ concept to benefit thousands of individuals and couples – helping them find love, happiness and success.