How to Effectively do a Social Media Detox

It’s no secret that social media has played a major role in our lives this last decade. From captivating videos on YouTube to engaging stories on Instagram, social media apps can be both fun and distracting.

Whether you’re on a variety of social media platforms for business or person reasons, stepping away from the apps can help you gain clarity and reconnect with your passion. Participating in a social media detox can help you focus and hone in on your mission when it comes to your social media presence.

Below are five steps to effectively do a social media detox.

Pick a timeframe

Whether it’s one week or one month, deciding on a timeframe can help you stay focused and working toward your goal. The timeline will serve as your deadline for this assignment. It’s a great reminder that your detox isn’t permanent and that you’ll be back on the app soon.

Inform your followers

If you consistently post on social media, giving your followers a heads up can warn them that they won’t be seeing any of your content for a while. The notice can build anticipation for your content once you make a comeback. This can also be a learning opportunity for your followers that might encourage them to try a detox as well.

Set your intention

Understanding your reason for taking a social media detox can be helpful during the cleanse. Get clear on your intention and use it as your foundation when you check in on your feelings and progress.

Delete the apps

When I decided to take my first social media detox last year, I found myself constantly reaching for my phone. I knew exactly that what I was going for was my Instagram feed, so I found it helpful to delete the app from my phone to avoid any accidental interactions. If deleting the apps doesn’t seem like your thing, you can also log out of your accounts and simply log back in when your detox is over.

Journal your takeaways

Keeping track of your feelings and progress is essential in getting the most out of your detox. Whether you’re more focus, less anxious, or have a lot more free time, these outcomes can help you decide how social media use will change in your future. For example, I found that when I started my day by checking Instagram, I was more anxious. Therefore, I set time limits to avoid logging into the app before 10 am.

Cleanse your feed

Once your detox is over and all your feelings are documented, it’s time to make some changes to your profile. Whether it’s the accounts you follow or the content you post, take inventory of how each item makes you feel and make changes you deem necessary. For example, if you find yourself constantly overlooking a certain account’s content, it might be time to unfollow that account and free up some valuable brain space.