Sustainable Replacements for Common Beauty Tools

My beauty routine is one of my favorite things to do to start my day. It’s one of the only opportunities I have to do something for myself before my hectic day begins. It was during those quiet moments that I questioned how much waste we must produce as a beauty-loving society.

Between packaging, single-use tools, and unused items, the beauty industry is responsible for a lot of waste that ends up in landfills. While it might be hard to transition into a zero-waste routine, there are small steps you can take to a more sustainable makeup bag.

Below are four common beauty tools you can easily replace with more sustainable options.

Blending sponge

If you’re still using single-use blending sponges, it’s time to upgrade. Reusable blending sponges sustainable, they’re more effective too. By dampening the sponge, your makeup goes on smoothly and evenly.

Reusable blending sponge $3.95

Cotton rounds

Cotton rounds are often used to remove makeup or apply products like toners. While products like cotton rounds aren’t expensive, they have a negative effect on the planet. Not only does it course a lot of unnecessary single-use waste, but a lot of water goes into growing the cotton necessary to make products like these.

Reusable cotton rounds $8.88

Makeup removing cloth

Properly removing your makeup is essential for your skin. Unfortunately, disposable makeup wipes have been the only makeup removing option for too long. Luckily, there is now a reusable (and effective) makeup removing cloth available for those ready to make the switch. The Makeup Eraser cloth is only $20 and available at Sephora and on Amazon.

Reusable makeup remover cloth $20

Cotton swab

There are some items you never really think about as waste until you’re educated on it. 1.5 million cotton swabs are produced every single day. The single-use item usually ends up in landfills or in oceans causing devastating pollution. LastSwab is a new reusable silicone replacement to the cotton swab. It’s washable and lasts up to 1000 uses.

Reusable cotton swab $12