guy. drinking.

The stories just keep getting crazier! Why are there so many absolutely horrendous first dates? It makes you wanna run away and leave the dating scene all together. Until you realize that you aren’t alone! Many women have experienced these disaster dates! Here is one story in particular that I have titled…

The “Delusional Drunk”

I met this guy at a beer festival. He was super nice, well spoken, and down to earth. He said he was from back east and it didn’t hurt that he was tall dark and handsome… just my type! He was two years older than my 26 self and I thought that meant he would have a higher maturity level…I was wrong. 

Our first date was at Zipps Sports grill. This wasn’t a get dressed up kind of date. I suggested a mellow place initially because I didn’t want there to be these high and unrealistic expectations. The purpose of this date was to simply hang out and get to know each other better. He picked me up and the drive was nothing but comfortable. We arrived at Zipps at about 4 or 5 p.m. and the conversation was still going great! We talked about how close we are with our family, how important traveling is to us, and what we hope to accomplish in life. Everything was perfect…until he got black out drunk!

We were at Zipps Sports Grill so I wasn’t surprised that he ordered a beer. I ordered one too! We started off just casually drinking beer until I stopped after one. He quickly switched to liquor and it all went downhill from there. I thought maybe he would get the hint to stop drinking after I kept declining his offers to buy me more alcoholic beverages…he did not! He kept on going without a care in the world. Becoming more and more belligerent by the second. Talking way too loudly and saying some of the most inappropriate things I have ever heard in my life. Mr. Charming had quickly disappeared

I was done! I called a cab to take me home and that driver couldn’t have came faster. I said my goodbyes and started walking towards the car. But, Mr. Ex Charming started to follow me out towards the cab. I quickly jumped into the car and told the cab driver to lock the door and drive off as fast as possible. The cab driver drove me home and the very next day I got a text from the soon to be alcoholic. He said he had a great time and wanted to plan another time for us to hang out. I never responded.    

If you have a disaster date story that you want to share. Contact us!