Find Work-Life Balance with These Simple Tricks

As an entrepreneur, I often hear my peers talking about the challenges when trying to find work-life balance. You often hear about how there’s no such thing as balance, and how to reach success in one aspect, you have to sacrifice the other.

While I understand where these individuals are coming from, I’m also a big believer in how intentions and priorities can make an impact on the overall satisfaction of life. While one might never reach a perfect work-life balance, there are tricks to help you get closer to finding more fulfillment in life.

Below are six simple tricks to help you find work-life balance.

Set priorities

Admit it, we all have more on our to-do list than we can accomplish. If we relied on a completed task list to be fulfilled, we’d never reach it. Instead of trying to complete everything on your to-do list every day, focus on setting priorities for your day. Whether it’s the blog post you’ve been meaning to write or the event you’ve been meaning to attend, setting priorities can help you feel accomplished and satisfied.

Track & time block

There’s been a lot of hype around the word “busy”. The four-letter word is often glamorized and has even become a level of stature for many professionals. Unfortunately, busy doesn’t always mean productive. Instead of working on many tasks at once, try to time block your priorities. Not only will this system help you stay on track, but it’ll make it easy for you to look back and track your time and focus.

Stick to strict work hours

Sticking to strict work hours isn’t easy for many professionals. Unfinished tasks and tight deadlines often mean taking work home and using personal time to get things done. Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest reasons why so many entrepreneurs and working professionals are battling burnout. Make it a habit to only work during your work hours. While it might be hard to stick to at first, it’ll get easier with time.

Ask for help

Asking for help has been one of the biggest challenges for me as I work on achieving a balance between work and personal life. However, I quickly learned that to have more time at home, I needed to be OK with asking for help now and then. Whether it’s asking for help from my husband or hiring maintenance help around the house, I’ve found so much extra time just by asking for assistance in places I needed it most.

Practice saying no

As a people pleaser, saying no doesn’t come easy. I often over-commit and overbook myself just because I can’t seem to say no. Be aware that you don’t always have to attend work happy hours or networking events. While extracurricular activities are fun to attend now and then, they shouldn’t come as an expense to your personal and home life.

Evaluate regularly

Becoming self-aware has been one of the biggest game-changers in my life. I can quickly realize if something isn’t fulfilling and often leads to me making a change. By evaluating your satisfaction with your attempt to work-life balance, you’ll be able to make changes as you see fit. You’ll also be able to recognize how your hard work has made an impact on your professional and personal life.