Five Easy Steps to Clear Healthy Skin

As I get closer to my thirties, skincare has become a high priority. Keeping clear healthy skin hasn’t been an easy challenge, but I finally seem to figure out what works for me. Surprisingly, getting my skin to a healthy stage hasn’t required anything outlandish.

If you’ve been struggling to achieve clear healthy skin, don’t give up yet. You’ll soon realize that getting there is easier than most people think. Below are five easy steps to clear healthy skin.

Drink lots of water

This is probably not the first time you’ve heard about the impact water intake has on your skin. Our skin is the largest organ of the integumentary system. Yes, your skin is an organ, and it requires water intake just like the rest of them. Staying hydrated is key to healthy skin. A simple boost to your water intake can quickly improve your skin’s condition.

Stop the touching

I’m not sure when it started, but I have a horrible habit of touching my face. Not for any particular reason, I just seem to be constantly touching it or placing my hands around my face. Unfortunately, no matter how often we wash our hands, they quickly become one of the biggest germ magnets. We touch doorknobs, computers, and our phones, which are all full of germs. Stopping this unhealthy habit can keep your skin healthy and clear.

Stick to a skincare routine

A skincare routine doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. The key here is to nourish your skin with products that’ll keep it healthy and balanced. A gentle cleanser and moisturizer can work wonders on any skin type, and you can always add more products as you find a need for them. The key here is to be consistent. Find time in the morning and evening to nourish your skin.

Eat balanced meals

Just like water, what we eat plays a big role in our skin’s condition. Eating healthy and balanced meals helps nourish your skin with the proper vitamin and nutrients. On the other hand, if you find yourself eating greasy fast food too often, you can probably guess what changes need to be made to get your skin to the next level.   

Remove your makeup

No matter how tedious the task, I rarely go to sleep with my makeup on. The simple task only takes a few minutes to do, but it can make the world of a difference for your skin. Properly removing your makeup should be part of your nightly skincare routine. It’ll keep your skin free of dirt and it’ll unclog your pores to keep your skin healthy and fresh for the next day.